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As we age collagen production slows down. Our face, neck and

décolletage start to lose tone and elasticity and we often notice

our skin becoming looser or start to sag. This can cause particular

concern around the jawline or jowls, the neck and brow area;

ageing us beyond our years.

Our HIFU treatment uses Ultrasound energy which is able to target

the deep structural layers of the skin. By targeting heat at specific

depths we can kick start the body’s healing response, this naturally

increases the levels of collagen in the tissues. As collagen increases,

this leads to a gentle lifting and tightening of the skin. Helping to

reduce the signs of ageing, for a younger, more refreshed appearance.*

HIFU is able to reach tissues that other anti-ageing treatments can’t

affect. This makes HIFU a very popular alternative to surgery or

more invasive treatments such as thread lifts or injectable toxins

and fillers.


  • Lifting and tightening the jowls

  • Mid-face contouring

  • Nose to mouth line reduction

  • Frown lines; crows feet

  • Lifting eyebrows

  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation

  • Tightening the sagging neck and jaw line

  • Multiple Chins

  • Reduce the appearance of hooded eye lids

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.


You can return to your normal activities immediately after your procedure without any post-treatment restrictions or requirements. However, you should avoid exposing your skin to extreme temperatures of heat or cold and protect your skin with a good quality moisturiser and SPF. It is also important that you up your water intake and stay hydrated after your treatment, also avoid caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours afterwards, even longer if possible for optimal results.

Your regular regime can be followed immediately, but avoid using skin products that may irritate for 24 hours afterwards.

Your skin may appear flushed at first, but the redness should disappear within a few hours and in 1-2 days. Some clients may experience tingling or tenderness to the touch, but these are mild and temporary over the next few days to a week. Other, less common post-procedural effects, may be temporary bruising, or numbness on small areas of skin. If any of the symptoms persist, please contact the clinic immediately.

What Can I Expect Post Treatment?

1.  It is normal for the area to feel tender immediately after the procedure.

2.  We recommend no sun exposure for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

3.  No strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours.

4.   The treated area may be flushed, reddened and feel tingly.

5.  Temporary bruising and numbness in the treated area can also occur (although this is rare)

6.  Apply a gentle cream gel every 4 to 6 hours for up to 72 hours’ post-treatment.

The Skins Appearance Post Treatment

·       Skin feels tighter with a mild sensitivity to touch; however, this will last up to 48 hours. After three days, your skin will feel back to normal.

·       Results visible 6 to 8 weeks and improve further over time.  Collagen induction process continues to work for another six months after the treatment.

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